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Which Burger is Best?

Everyone Likes a Good Burger!

Before we delve into weight loss, let’s take one very practical look at meat again

What is the All-American meal? At the top of many lists would be the hamburger with a side of fries. In most cases this meal is not something you would brag to a nutritionist about. The typical beef burger sandwich is loaded with salt and saturated fat. But now, we have the ultra-realistic beef substitutes which are better for our health.  Or are they?

Burger Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at the specs on beef, Impossible Burger 2.0, and a third mystery burger.1 If we take one patty of each the stats grade out as follows in the graph below.

Each of them has some bragging points, but the mystery burger shines brightest with no cholesterol, no animal protein (see post on plant protein), way lower fat, and significantly more fiber.

Mystery Burger Revealed

What is the mystery burger? Actually, you can make it right in your own kitchen.2 The base ingredient is black beans. See the link in the references below for the recipe. We cut down on the salt laden ingredients to reduce sodium. Enjoy!


1 Amanda Capritto. Impossible Burger vs beef: Which is Healthier. Oct. 4, 2019. Accessed Feb. 21, 2022.

2 Vegan Black Bean Burgers. Allrecipes. Accessed Feb. 21, 2022


July 2, 2022

Written by

Nathan Hyde

Blog post featured image.

The All-American Meal