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Waterfalls, Awe, and Negative Ions


Many times we just get caught in our own little world. Troubles in the home, school, or workplace can dominate our thoughts and dampen our mood. Exposure to nature and the simple understated stimulus it provides is the perfect remedy for ruminating on our problems. Of course nature does offer some rather impressive features. Consider the thundering waterfall and the wispy spray blowing in the breeze. Research has shown us that the sense of awe we get when we view natural spectacles like this helps us in some very real ways:1

  1. Improves vitality
  2. Lowers inflammation
  3. Restores attention

Negative Ions

In addition, that pounding water is producing something called negative ions. When we get near waterfalls or other large bodies of moving water, we breathe in  negative ions that may have some powerful effects on our wellness, including the following;: 2

  1. Improved depression
  2. Lowered blood pressure
  3. Activated natural killer cells
  4. Improved cognitive performance
  5. Relieved seasonal depression disorder

Next time you're feeling the need for a mood boost, give nature a try. We're confident you'll feel the benefits.


1 Kuo, Ming. (2015). Frontiers Media SA

2 Jiang SY, (2018). Int J Mol Sci. 


February 8, 2023

Written by

Nathan Hyde

Blog post featured image.

Negative ions that are present around bodies of moving water may have powerfully beneficial effects on our wellness.