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Sun on Your Skin, Skip to Your Step

Sun On Your Skin

When we are active in the outdoors all kinds of great things are happening to us. That wonderful sunshine on your skin is doing more than just warming you up. The near infrared photons sunshine contains is stimulating the cells in your body to produce melatonin.1 Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that works to counter the damaging work done by free radicals that fuel so many disease processes. 

Fresh Air in Your Lungs

The simple act of breathing in green environments is a healing balm. Plants, especially evergreen trees like the pine, fir, and cedar, produce essential oils that protect the trees from insects and diseases.2 Happily for us, we get to enjoy the pleasant scent and also benefit from the anti-inflammatory and relaxation promoting qualities of the essential oils. 

Smile on Your Face

Perhaps as you read this you are thinking about a green place nearby. Why not go there today or make a plan to visit it soon? The quiet healing atmosphere of nature will be great for your body and your mind. Stretch those legs out and take some time to enjoy the calming atmosphere.  There are certainly times when the weather may prohibit getting out for exercise and there is no shame in indoor exercise. But choosing to exercise in nature is better for your mind.3 Here are a few perks to going green for exercise.

  1. Less depression
  2. More positive perspective
  3. Relieves tension, anger, confusion


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January 22, 2023

Written by

Nathan Hyde

Blog post featured image.

Plants, especially evergreen trees like the pine, fir, and cedar, produce essential oils that are anti-inflammatory and promote relaxation.