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Lifestyle Habits That Could Change Your Life.

Today we present two encouraging case studies of individuals with severe and possibly life-threatening conditions. Lifestyle changes with a plant-based diet as the focal point enabled a new direction in life with higher levels of productivity and abundance.

Case #1 – Heart Failure1

A 54-year-old female reported to her doctor with severe pain in her left leg. After running some diagnostic tests heart failure was confirmed. Immediately the patient made a radical change from what she described as a “healthy Western” diet to a plant-based diet. After following the lifestyle for 5.5 months the results were impressive. She dropped 10 points off her BMI in losing 50 lbs. Her diabetes was gone as her hemoglobin A1C fell into a safe range. Perhaps most importantly, the ejection fraction of her left ventricle had more than doubled, bringing life-giving circulation to her body.

Case #2 – Angina2

Progressive crippling angina was the primary complaint of the 60-year-old man in our second case. Stress, cold weather, and walking just one block could trigger an angina event. Upon reporting to his doctor, a family history of heart disease was revealed. An exercise stress test triggered angina after nine minutes. 

This patient refused all further testing and promptly entered a wellness program featuring a plant-based diet. He had thought his diet was good but soon discovered it needed significant adjustments. After just a few weeks on the program his symptoms were much better. After four months he could walk a full mile. After two years he could jog four miles with no pain.

Embrace the lifestyle, change your life, achieve your potential.


1 Allen, Kathleen E. 2019. Frontiers Media SA.

2 Massera, Daniele et al. 2015 Case Reports In Cardiology.


August 15, 2022

Written by

Nathan Hyde

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As we age, diet often plays a vital role in allowing us to maintain an active lifestyle.