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Hidden Dangers of Keto

What is the Keto Diet?

Diet fads come and go. One that has had some real sticking power is the keto diet. The term keto is short for ketogenic, meaning it promotes a state of ketosis within the body. When in ketosis the body will burn fat because there is a shortage of carbohydrates to use to fuel the day’s activities. The keto diet derives most of its calories from protein and fat, thus limiting carbohydrate intake and stimulating ketosis. Many people use the keto diet to lose weight.

Keto Fails the Covid Test

Researchers curious about the influence of various dietary patterns on Covid-19 severity examined the eating habits of healthcare workers from six countries. When they compared dietary choices to Covid-19 severity they found a clear tendency toward less severe disease when more plant products were consumed. The table below shows the results.

Notice how the high protein low carbohydrate diet graded out. The percentage in the table (286%) is approximately equal to a quadruple (four times) increase in risk of getting really sick with Covid. 

While losing weight is an admirable goal, the way we approach it is sometimes popular and unhealthy at the same time. In our next blog we will examine a much safer and sensible way to shed unwanted pounds.


1 Kim, Hyunju et al. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health. 2021


June 1, 2022

Written by

Nathan Hyde

Blog post featured image.